Dec 21, 2010

Key to Atty. Gen. Eric Holder's worries about the threat posed by American citizens

Eric Holder is being kept awake by worrying about US homegrown terrorists.  "The threat has changed from simply worrying about foreigners coming here, to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens -- raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born," he said.

After considering the cases of domestic terrorism over the past decades,  I think Eric needs to read these 3 books - even cursorily, to find the clue as to what made them radicalized.  Afterall, these terrorists were all Muslims and upon interoggation have confessed to be motivated by the cult.  But because these people were not linked to any terrorist group or taught my a devout Muslim, then the source would have to be the teachings of Islam and the primary sources are these 3.
  1. Q'uran - the religious text of Islam.
  2. Sunnah - sayings and livings habits of Muhammad
  3. Hadith - narrations of the words and deeds of Muhammad
Here are some choice verses that has become the source of inspiration to many.  If video fails, go to 

This can be a topic for a dissertation considering the subjects as a controlled element exposed only to these ideas thereby concluding that the teachings of Islam and the life of Muhammad leads one to deeds of violence against innocent people consequently debunking the myth that Islam is a religion of peace.  You have around 7 subjects in a span of 15 years - an easy Ph. D. right there.


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