Dec 14, 2010

Stockholm Muslim bomber explosion caught on tape - terrifying

Some people turn to God when they see the light, others when they feel the heat.  Here, my friends, is heat and terror.  And if the bombs did not malfunction there will be horror as the dead will be scattered on the streets of Stockholm. 

Imagine when this becomes as common as a traffic accident here.  Just read their so called holy texts poisoned with hatred for non-Muslims, unabashedly and unapologetically advocating violence.  Know their expansionist agenda because they will not stop until they rule us.  They already have supporters in the White House and Dept. of Justice, not to mention the other Security agencies today.  The new congress in 2011 and the new senate in 2012 need to be resolute in fighting back and keeping them at bay.

Allah is not the same as YHWH or the Heavenly Father even if they pretend that it is the same Abrahamic diety.  The Muslims are not obviously like the Jews or the Christians - in doctrine, morals, heritage, traditions and culture.  Read their atrocities against non-Muslims daily, DAILY, around the globe.  These are on  links are on the right side of this page.  I will add more.  Please link to me to spread the word.  This must stop and not happen here.

If the video fails, go to

Narrative from YouTube:  Suicide bombers strike Stockholm, 1 dead.

Muslim terrorists failed with an attempted mass murder in busy streets in the midst of Christmas shoppers.
See the security video capturing the bomber at the moment his bomb detonated. His last voice message is also released here. The bomb went off prematurely police suspects. It went of 30 feet from a large crowd on a main pedestrian shopping street Drottninggatan (Queens Street). The incompetence of the bomb makers saved dozens of lives.  Several explosions could be heard on the busy streets in the center of Stockholm Sweden.   The terrorists sent email message to the news agency TT shortly before the bombings who failed to warn the public.  News on Sunday 12-12- said that the secret police was informed about the attempted mass murders several hours before but they failed to act.   In the pre-bombing message to TT and the police they expressed rage over the swedish presence in Afghanistan and over the funny Muhammed cartoons drawn by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks. They declared war on swedes. The message which contained audio in swedish and arabic said "now your children, daughter and sisters shall die" and "all mujahedin in Europe and Sweden shall strike, use any weapon you have even a knife,"  The car was registered to a 29 year old arab man. Reportedly it's the suicide bomber. Blog about the swedish situation in English,

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