Dec 16, 2010

Real Muslim terrorist training video. Fail. Hilarious.

Looks like karma drove over the koranimal's filthy dogma.  If video fails, go to


Subvet said...

My guess is that poor maintenance of the weapon plays a big part in what happened. One of the consequences of Islamic thinking is an inability to believe in predictable consequences for personal actions, the attitude of "If Allah wills it..." being notoriously prevalent.

I base this on some conversations with folk who have dealt personally with followers of the Pedophile Prophet. They were all disgusted with the idiocy they routinely encountered. Further proof might be found in the proliferation of failed bombings where the explosive device is so haphazardly put together as to be almost useless or detonates at exactly the wrong time (the recent story out of Sweden comes to mind).

This isn't to say Islamists aren't dangerous, they most certainly have proven to be that. But rattlesnakes are dangerous yet notoriously stupid also (I had a shipmate who felt proud of his marksmanship in blowing off the heads of the diamondbacks he encountered. That ended when he was informed rattlers seek heat and so the intended prey were actually lunging for the snakeshot he'd fired. They were fast enough to catch it too!)

Islamists are dangerous in the same way, left to their devices and treated appropriately they'll prove to be their own worst enemy. Just as we wouldn't try enticing a rattler to come into our homes we should be doing our best to root out the Islamist nests in our backyard.

Too bad so many well intentioned idiots want to proclaim how warm & cuddly they are.

Sorry for rambling on. This whole topic is a burr under my saddle.

Rick said...

@Subvet: I like the rattlesnake comparison. And your expositions are always welcome here. It is an idiotic con game that entraps its followers by fear such that many are fleeing from it when and where they can. Unfortunately, there are influential and powerful forces that shield and promote this evil that pretends to be good.

Islam needs to be unmasked. It is alarming that the Church is falling for the moderate Islam lie and becoming an oblivious accomplice by elevating this infernal cult to the level of a faith system alongside itself and Judaism.

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