Jan 7, 2011

Liturgical Abuse: Congregation Mesmerized; Petitions Rome for Regulations

From BadVestments

Did he lose a bet or a dare?

Perhaps this weed psychadelic theme is for a parish in San Francisco. 

If this guy was presiding in that cult of peace, he might have been sodomized then beaten to a pulp for pulling a stunt like this.

I mean, "Just what is his fashion statement here?  I am the primordial goo from whence life began?
Perhaps the cleaners switched the packages from the Aloha Mu-mu club.


ignorant redneck said...

My Eyes! My eyes!

it's things like this that lead to people embracing Islam!

Subvet said...

Please tell me this was a getup for Halloween.

Rick said...

@red: Sorry man. I hope it did not any permanent damage.

@Subvet: That would be an insult to Halloween costumes.

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