Jan 3, 2011

New York Muslim Terrorist Training Compounds Exposed!

Clips of this film are forbidden to be reproduced.  You can see why.  We need to become aware of this alarming situation.  There is still something we can do about it - specially now with Conservatives in Congress.  If video fails, go to  http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-york-muslim-terrorist-training.html 

In case you're wondering why I post these and what this has to do with the Catholic faith, just look at Egypt and Iraq or any Muslim country to see what has become of the Christians living there. Unless we want our grandchildren persecuted, we need to make America safe - for all faiths.  And that entails exposing the fraud and evil of Islam.

Video description from YouTube:
from the producers of the documentary film "Obsession" "The Third Jihad": http://thethirdjihad.com/


Gunfire & Explosions regularly heard on the weekends from An Islamic compound "IslamBerg" of felon converts to Islam, in the Catskill Mountains (one of 30 in America) ran by Sheikh Gilani Leader of Al Fuqra which is connected with terrorist activities in Pakistan. Violent Felon's have no 2nd Amendment rights btw... lets just trust that The guns are being kept away from them.  http://thethirdjihad.com/

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Subvet said...

Any Catholic worth a hoot that follows the smallest bit of history should be able to see that Islam is completely opposed to the Faith. Whereas Catholics are called to better themselves in the fashion of imitating Christ, (even unto death if necessary) the "religion" of "peace" panders to the basest appetites and instincts in humanity.

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