Jan 16, 2011

Applause prompted by jumbotron at Obama's speech in AZ memorial

Free T-shirts, $3 draft beer - just applaud when prompted.  He's gotta bribe his fans nowadays?  I don't mind that as long as it's on his dime and not the taxpayers.

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Subvet said...

For crying out loud, does "Fearless Leader" and his minions leave any stone unturned in the quest for populat approval?

Rick said...

He's pathetic and is not fooling anyone anymore. But he is deadly. See how he took over every other aspect of government using czars. Czars? Where are we - Russia.

He will need popular support because there's a group that is not going to let his ineligible ass to stay. And there goes his plan to Socialize and Islamize the States.

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