Feb 11, 2011

DC Planned Parenthood Exposed for Illegal Activities and Support for Underaged Prostitution

If video fails, click here or go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/02/dc-planned-parenthood-exposed.html  This is the 7th Planned Parenthood clinic exposed for their illegal activities and support for child prostitution.


Subvet said...

Another "isolated incident" I'm sure. Funny how many of them there are.

On a related note, what do you make of the Catholics speaking up against the tactics of Live Action, claiming deception is never justified? My own take on it is the criticism is driven by envy and nothing more. A 25 year old woman manages to do more in one year to set Planned Parenthood on it's heels than all the "prayer warriors" have in the past two decades. So they're jealous and willing to snipe at her in whatever seemingly pious manner possible.

But I could be wrong. What's your opinion?

Rick said...

Excellent question. I won't pretend that my answer is right but I'll critique it from the 3 facets of a moral act by which culpability is judged.

1. The intention: expose an immoral institution.
2. The circumstances: knowingly and freely pose as a pimp/whore.
3. The act: entrapment, record and expose the wrong doers.

Although one can rationalize the lie if one parses the words i.e. it ends up to be a form of mental reservation e.g. "I know these ladies who will do sexual favors for a fee. (Mental reservation translates into: my sister or friend will engage in sexual intercourse with her husband for the fee of a lifelong commitment.)

In my appraisal, entrapment is OK. There are many examples in the Bible to justify this e.g. that girl falsely accused of fornication. She separated the false witnesses and asked them under what tree did they see her copulate. That may not square off on all fours. I'll research this further and come up with a separate post hopefully. Like I said, excellent question.

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