Mar 27, 2011

Facebook Hate Israel Pages. Petition their removal.

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Sign the petition - - calling on Facebook to remove this call to violence!

Stop the hate pages on Facebook.

Update: March 27, 2011 -- While people around the Middle East are using Facebook to organize peace movements, Palestinian Arabs have launched a violent movement called "Third Intifada" -- using Facebook to organize another terror war against Israel. The previous Intifada resulted in the deaths of over 5,000 people.

The "Third Intifada" Facebook page already has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Stop the terror!

Sign the petition, calling on Facebook to remove this call to violence!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

comments are back!..thanks for this crucial heads up..God awful isn't it! have a great weekend..what's left of it!:)

Moshe Sharon said...

One of the major weapons in this propaganda war against Israel is the “Remember these Children” website which compares the numbers of Arab children who have been killed in the conflicts to the number of Jewish children murdered by terrorists. The Arab list totals 1,437 since 2000 and the Jewish list totals 130. Not withstanding that such reporting is unsubstantiated, After visiting the site, I noticed that according to this report, most of the Israeli children were murdered in drive by shootings and human bombs exploding themselves in restaurants, buses and markets. In other words, the Arab terrorists targeted those children and murdered them in cold blood. For all of the Arab children, on the other hand, the site identifies the causes of death as gun shot wounds or explosions during the firefights with Arab Hamas fighters. What were their children doing in the middle of a war zone? That is clear and convincing evidence that the Hamas thugs where using the local children as human shields. Soldiers are trained to return fire when fired upon. The bushwhacking urban guerrillas who fire at enemy troops from a neighborhood full of children are the ones causing the deaths of those children. More at

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