Mar 12, 2011

Pope identifies Antichrist in New Book

Excerpt from Catholic Herald
The Pope has condemned religiously motivated violence, describing it as a “favourite instrument of the Antichrist in his new book about the life of Jesus published today.

In Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection, published by the Catholic Truth Society, the Holy Father criticised the idea that violence in the name of religion is justifiable...

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, permanent representative of the Holy See to the UN in Geneva, cited a statistic that 75 per cent of those killed because of their religion across the world are Christian. He was speaking at the 16th ordinary session of the Human Rights Council on religious freedom.

Pope Benedict has consistently spoken out against religiously motivated violence, including in his famous 2006 Regensburg lecture, in which he said: “Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul.”
He began the year by condemning sectarian violence, including attacks against Christians in the Middle East.
In October he will host a meeting of religious leaders in Assisi to discuss how they can promote peace, 25 years after Pope John Paul II held a similar event. But soon after the meeting was announced the Islamic Research Council of the University of al-Azhar in Cairo, the highest authority of Sunni Islam, said it was ending dialogue with the Vatican after the Pope spoke out against anti-Christian violence in Egypt.
From the video, you'll see verses from Mohammed's Koran that exhorts just that - to commit violence in the name of Allah.  If video fails, click here or go to

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Anonymous said...

it is very strange that pope identifies antichrist with the religiously motivated violence because according to this logic the holy father of rome accuses his previous leaders of the vatican city as antichrists[see the 8 crusades and the religious wars in europe for centuries where popes promoted their ideas to vanish protestantism, lutheranism and the anglican church

in our country we say in the house of the hanged we never spoke about rope

on the other hand no one knows that the word antichrist has two meanings

the one has to do with the refusal of j.christ doctrine which is being identified with the incarnation of evil while this is not necessary

many people around the world live a luxurious and rich life that nothing had to do with the poverty that jesus christ lived

xafa from the muneral fund asks persistently from the greek governmet to fire all the employers in the public area
and greece to have ionly 7 millions people with out a job
and btread

i dont know if mrs xafa is the antichrist but jesus christ gave bread on the people and he didnt steal it from anyone

so the words of mrs xafa comes in contradictrion with the words of jesus christ

that this means that she is the antichrist;;;

or is george papandreou, jean claude trisset, dominique stross khan that created 10 millions of poor;;;;; like we are in the africa

are they antichrists;;;;

no because they work to make them all suffer like jesus christ

this is their political mission
to make all greeks exactly like jesus christ in the ctross

so anyone could accuse them as roman soldiers who made their wonderful duty to kill and torture people and to live on their luxurious life, in their baths enjoying the meaning of their personal god

clap your hands to congratulate them all for their divine and perfect work that returned humanity 3 centuries ago in the era before the french revolution

are they antichrists the actors of holywood, the politicians, the businessmen or the rich in general;;;;;

pope according to his logic of his god should blame all the social , political and spiritual intellegenzia as antichrists.

but this is true;;;;

al the above hate jesus christ, they follow exactly the opposite life of jesus;;;
they are making harm on other people;;;;

and if there are some that they could do we can not speak for an absolute situation

on the other hand on my country which is extremelly rich in the linguistic level no one knows it in depth the word antichrist means the one who replaces jesus christ and the one who came in to the world to sacrifise himself for his ideas, his beliefs, his ideology in contra to people who fight him and they do not believe in democracy, they do not respect human life, they do not respect god using his knowledge to make harm on other people
or just simply antichrist is someone that suffered on the same degree with jesus christ and on planet eart there are at least 6 billions antichrists according to the language of my country
and to the everyday life routine

so who is antichrist;;;;

is someone that doesnt like jesus christ;;;
or just someone that looked liked to him, as a behaviour and the others invented this term to express an irony for all those who could have a similar behaviour;;;

we must add that this specific word is being enriched by a religious emotion as something evil
which is not necessarilly true but invented to cause fear to the religious people for the enemy
an unexistent enemy because if god invented the meaninig of antichrist doubts about himself if he created the world

because the anti christ is equal to christ but does things in the opposite direction from him but that does mean that he is equal in strength to jesus christ

there are many snakes on planet earth who liked tio cause fears in the people because they want to be obeduient and useful on their system and they do not like anyone to question their system as they fix it because this system has many money benefits

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