May 10, 2011

Raped Peace Corps Volunteers Speak Out. (video)

If video fails, click here or go to

Don't go to Muslim countries next time i.e. if you are still up to it.


Subvet said...

Since the vast majority of rape victims never speak out, I wonder how many more unidentified victims there are of Peace Corp negligence and apathy?

Back during the Viet Nam War the Peace Corp earned a reputation for being a haven for draft dodging slackers. Demographics being what they are, the uncaring honchos at the top have likely been some of those same slackers that joined back then. Why am I not surprised?

God bless those gutsy women for coming forward as they have. Hope this story gets a lot of traction.

Rick said...

@Subvet: They should have not allowed the Peace Corps to be an alternative to conscription. In Israel, a similar exemption is given to seminarians.

The ladies were indeed gutsy. There is one common item that I observed i.e. the countries were they served are all Islamic. Next time, the corp should go to Latin America and these will not happen.

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