May 21, 2011

Setting Israel Up for Annihilation - pre-1967 borders (video)

Obama's peace plan consists in having Israel pull back to it's pre-1967 borders - much less than what Israel originally owns.  It is also less than what was demarcated in the Palestinian Mandate of 1920  More importantly, it is setting up Israel for annihilation as the video illustrates.  If video fails, click here or go to

And no guarantees from any nation can really provide security to Israel as history has shown.  Cfr.   The Red Wing Report  Does Obama understand Buchenwald?
It is true that Israel's dependence on the United States for economic, military and political support makes it vulnerable to pressure, but when Israel's security is put at risk, the lesson of Buchenwald gives Israelis the strength to say no

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Anonymous said...

Pray the rosary for peace-jihadi's will be hoping for a second Masada so they can play the role of Pontius Pilate.

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