May 11, 2011

Washington DC Theology. Where's Cardinal Wuerl? Is Obama Greater Than God?

Where's Cardinal Wuerl?  Card. Burke flew in from the Vatican to confront Planned Parenthood in Texas.  The funders of Planned Parenthood are in Cardinal Wuerl's backyard.  But where is the cardinal? click here for article or go to

Obama presumes to be greater than God.  Conscience is God's voice in man. Yet, Obama directs doctors to ignore it.  Is Obama Greater Than God? Click here for article or go to

New theologian-politician:  Nancy Pelosi


Anonymous said...

didn't know where else to write this but I get a google content warning when I try to visit your site which I thought was wierd. In case you didn't know.


Rick said...

Thanks Jason. I set that one up because of the nature of posts that I have.

Subvet said...

The Cardinal is silent as usual about whatever might offend denizens of Foggy Bottom. I'm still trying to understand how both he & Burke were selected to wear the red hat. There had to be something the Pope found in common with these two seeming polar opposites, what the heck was it?

Rick said...

Subvet: I am guessing that Card. Wuerl is able to keep the dialogue going with these denizens by his low-keyed and not extreme positions. DC may need this iron fist in a velvet glove touch. But it almost appears like compromising with evil because, silence is consent. So, I don't know what the Pope saw. I like Chaput better.

WomanHonorThyself said...

so true..and such blatant hypocrisy..GRR!!! .have a beautiful weekend my dear friend!!

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