Jul 7, 2011

Pro-gay education forced by law in CA public schools

If video fails, click here or go to http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/california-passes-bill-mandating-pro-gay-teaching-in-schools-no-parent-opt

Comment:  Corruption of minors.


Subvet said...

It won't be long before we'll see this in every state. Then anyone trying to raise their children in an upright, moral manner will find themselves attending "sensitivity training" in whatever will serve as our version of reeducation camps.

See you in the gulag, bring your shovel.

Rick said...

This ends up with generations of wussies and airheads that are waiting to be walked on by Muslims.

Subvet said...

Not only waiting for it, they'll be wanting it. Thus they'll atone for all imagined crimes of Western Culture and this nation.

Rick said...

But since the Muslims are controlling the educators, then they'll rewrite history and seek to win a following through deceit if not intimidation. Who will save the future of America?

Subvet said...

Seriously? I wonder if we may be seeing the twilight of Western Culture as we descend, not into a new Dark Age, but into a death of all freedoms we're so familiar with. If there is ever a return to a culture guided by Catholic values it will be a very long time from now. I use the term "Catholic" instead of Christian because "Christian" has become such a loosely defined word it's lost much of the original meaning.

I hope I'm wrong as a football bat but looking around at where we're at and what it would take to reverse course has me extremely pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

Where is your evidence that Muslims are controlling educators and that they are rewriting history?

Rick said...

I guess someone has not looked at the new textbooks lately. It is simply ghastly and quite disgusting as Islam has brought nothing but destruction and depravity to the world but they brazenly claim all sorts of accomplishments. Simply shameless and gross but not unexpected from the cult of deceit.

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