Sep 14, 2011

Did MO say the f word about a 9-11 flag ceremony? Read her lips and see.

If video fails, click here or go to

Michelle Obama says something about the flag to BO and then smirks and shakes her head.

What is it she is saying.

Some lip readers are saying she says - "all that for a flag?" 

The ceremony beforehand included a choir singing and bagpipe playing before unfurling a tattered US flag.

There is a growing internet buzz over the First Lady's comment to her husband during the 9/11 commemoration Sunday, as the flag ceremony is taking place. Watch the video clip below, and lip readers are invited to comment on what she is saying. To my unskilled eyes, it looks as though she is saying, "All that for a flag!"

I hope I am wrong. Watch and see for yourself.

Thomas Lifson
From Five for Fighting -
I watched the 911 remembrance twice today...
You've got to see this!
After the NYPD bagpipers bring out and unfurl what looks like a tattered US Flag, a choir sings the Star Spangled Banner, the camera pans over to Michele and Barack and you can actually see Michelle mouth what looks like the words:  "All that for a flag"...

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