Oct 29, 2011

Change by the Tea Party vs. the liberals

When the Tea Party is unhappy with the way things are going, they elect new representatives.  It is called a republic.
When the liberals are unhappy, they demand that the rich give up all their money and give it to them.  It is called a stick up.

When Obama can't get his way through Congress, he goes to the street to rally his supporters. He forgets that he is president for the entire nation and Congress is how people get represented and served. How can he be so presumptuous to think that he and he alone has America's interests at heart and that only he has the answers ? He forgets that he is only 1/3 of the government yet he circumvents the other 2/3 whenever they will not go along with him. Is this egotism or is he taking orders from someone else besides the people.

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