Feb 5, 2012

Catholics continue to support Obama unlike non-Catholics who abandon him in droves.

Poll: Catholics still favoring Obama in election
Fr. Jenkins did not care about the scandal to the Church and the confusion t in the souls of the graduates. By honoring the most-anti Catholic president in some other field does not remove the impression of honoring this person in other areas. Those are distinctions that ivory tower academics make. In practical life, people saw Obama being respected and even honored by a Catholic university. They should have done what the Pope did to Pelosi. But Notre Dame wanted the fame and the money. So, they sold their souls to the devil.

And this politician distorts the realities in the public square as well as the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Unfortunately, the bishops are petrified by her that they tuck their tails and let her run her mouth and mislead others.  Courage and fortitude seems to be virtues of the past.  Now we have bishops who are too in-touch with their feminine side that they let the Church be scandalized and devoured by wolves.  Pathetic.

Democrat Party Is Losing Christian Voters in Droves Thanks To Barack Obama

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Susan W said...

The truth is, the more a person attends mass the less likely for that person to vote for Obama. Too many Catholics are catholics in name only.

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