Feb 6, 2012

If what goes on in someone's bedroom is non of my business, then don't make me pay for their supplies and consequences.

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Anonymous said...

We must try to stop sinners from bearing more sin into this world. They have not found our Faith yet, so continue engaging in lustful activities rather than promoting love and God's laws. I am tired of supporting these sinners with taxes that go toward curing the ills their lust causes, and paying to imprison the sinful, disease-ridden, drug-addicted adults their children become.
Therefore, I would rather pay for these sinners not to have children now as opposed to paying to support them and the sinful children they bear later. We must stand together and encourage Obama to stop these ungodly sinners who cannot control their loins from creating more sinners. http://snap3.uas.mx/RECURSO1/unfpa/data/docs/unpf0096.pdf If we don't pay now, we will pay more later for the increase in crimes sinful children of sinners commit-our world will become even more dangerous for us. It is Catholic to sacrifice a little now to improve the safety of all, and now is our time.

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