Mar 21, 2012

Our Lady appears over Ivory Coast

Video description:
 recording that has been collected according to the locals is the appearance of
"Virgin Mary " that was shown on April 20, 2011 in the center of the sun
with a faint outline, the sighting occurred in the district of Yopougon in
Abidjan - Ivory Coast (Africa).
The sun gave forth its light force out of the ordinary, people
excited looking at the sky, many startled, cried out of happiness
what they believed it was the Virgin Mary.
Days earlier, on March 31 was another strange event in the same place
where Our ​​Lady appeared: "They are testing some kind of display
holographic (Project Blue Beam)?, are we facing another UFO phenomenon, or does
will certainly be an apparition of the Virgin?
Remember that this country has been ravaged by civil wars.
In this other video you can see the strange phenomenon of
a halo of purple light that happened days earlier than the
apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Our Lady's Presentation & Visitation at Batim, Goa, India, on 25th March 2012 - Details at


FireHead said...

And is it real?

Rick said...

Too soon to tell. I checked snopes but there was no report of a hoax either.

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