Mar 3, 2012

Video of Muslim who hit tourists in Malaysia for kissing

article here:

"The target of the Arab's anger was a Canadian tourist who apparently gave a peck on the cheek of his Chinese girlfriend in the common sitting room of the centre at 6.26pm on Feb. 9.
This so infuriated the Arab who scolded the duo that this was an Islamic country. "The Arab scolded them saying what they did was disrespectful in an Islamic country. When the couple tried to calm him down, he kicked the couch before trying to hit them," said the receptionist, Dewina Jolilin, 22.
"That was when I intervened, telling him it was not necessary to shout or be violent," said Dewina. He then turned his fury on Dewina, saying she should have done something to stop them since she was a Muslim.
"He then attacked me when I told him that Muslims in Malaysia don't behave like him," she said. When the couple came to her aid, they ended up being attacked by the man as well.
Dewina said police were summoned and came 10 minutes later.
"They advised us to lodge a report, which I did accompanied by the couple.
"However, the police said they could not detain or investigate the assailant as the law did not allow it unless he had used a sharp object during the attack," she said.
Canadian Daniel Gunn, 30, who was visiting Sabah for the first time, said he had been to many countries but that this was the first time he was attacked by a supposed fanatic.
"He was screaming that 'this is a public place' and 'bring your prostitute somewhere else', 'this is Islam country and not your country'.

Comment:  Lesson learned:  Don't tour Muslim countries. 

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