Apr 21, 2012

Obama Debt Crisis... in Pictures ('nuf said)

Click to enlarge-

Every American voter needs to see this stuff... 
please help to drill reality into some of the thicker skulls
within your own personal sphere from now until the election.
Obama debt crisis
 Just look at the charts, what's to debate unless you're
talking to some hard-core, incurable Cloward-Pivenist? 

We're doomed if we don't 86 this guy... period


Ole Olson said...

ROFL. Another stupid lie by lying conservatives. The national debt was nearly $11 trillion when Obama was sworn into office. Granted it has gone up quite a bit since then, but when you actually look at *why* it's going up, the answer are policies borrow and spend fiscal conservatives (who are guilty of the majority of the national debt for the record) support:

1. tax cuts (mainly for the rich)
2. The Great Recession (caused mainly by deregulation by conservatives)
3. Military-related expenditures that gobble up nearly half of the budget when all facets are included (not just the DoD budget)

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