May 5, 2012

The pastoral method of Salesians vs Jesuits. A metaphor for Obama's ways.

The Salesians focus on poor youth and are more pastorally oriented. The Jesuits on the other hand are on the leading edge of everything in an attempt to glorify God there. In other words, Jesuits are like superheroes - individuals who excel, the creme de la creme. Salesians are regular guys, like grunts, working together to accomplish a mission. These are two different spirits, two different ways of doing things. As a Salesian, achieving 70% with the community is much better than achieving 100% by oneself. Jesuits are the opposite.
America is my opinion is more like the Salesians. It takes time and effort to move as a country. But that is what makes us great. It would be easier to have a dictator mandate decisions and directions, but that is more appropriate to third world countries where the populace is uneducated, undisciplined or uncontrolled. America is not a third world country but Obama treats it like one by circumventing established procedures, disrepecting the spirit of the law, abusing executive privilege and coercing the Judiciary to implement his personal agenda.

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