May 9, 2012

Progressive discipline for Jesuits in Georgetown

Georgetown Professor: Sebelius Is a “Great Inspiration” for Georgetown Students A former dean of the Georgetown University institute that will host Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as a graduation day speaker on May 18 calls the “pro-choice” Cabinet member “an inspiration for our students” at the Jesuit university. “She will be an excellent speaker,” Judy Feder, the former dean who is now a professor at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute (GPPI), told The Cardinal Newman Society. ”We’ve been fortunate to have Cabinet secretaries before. Secretary Sebelius is a great inspiration to our students.” Feder was reminded that Sebelius’s HHS promulgated the mandate that faith-based organizations must pay for health insurance that provides contraception, regardless of their beliefs, and that this is widely regarded as an affront to the Catholic Church. “I don’t see it that way,” Feder said. “Georgetown already covers these services for employees.” Feder continued, “The real issue is that this is a public policy school. What I would say as a professor in the Public Policy Institute is that I value Georgetown’s commitment to exposing students to a wide array of ideas.”
My comment: Because of what the Jesuits did, people will think the conscience violation is just a minor issue where dissent is alright. That is the wrong doing that will persecute of godly people who seek only to obey His voice in their hearts (conscience). If I were Card. Wuerl, I'd suspend the Jesuits Catholic status pending an investigation because of this and the many other confusing perceptions that they have done under Obama. I would even go so far as to threaten to suspend their priestly faculties and expel them from the Archdiocese if they do not cease and desist from harming the Church. Perhaps the good cardinal needs to hear the pains and fears of the flock so, he will muster enough courage to defend us.

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