Jul 21, 2012

Putin on Obama and the Economy

Actually he's both.  He tries to destroy the American economy because, he is an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Hater, Racist, Bigot, Idiot. That is all things you and the racist right here are.

You people are disgusting! Oh we hate…right… You know how many horrifying comments about this president and his wife I read on this site everyday. Like today. everyone in this white house should hang for treason… And we are the hate mongers.
the hate on this board alone is scary. Certainly toward their own President and First Lady. Even anyone that disagrees with them...Nothing but hate.

Calling the President a traitor and domestic enemy is somewhere between insubordinate and treasonous. Unacceptable for anyone to say such things about the commander in chief. To publicly call the President a domestic enemy and a traitor is seditious at best and mutinous at worst. So…Are you stupid because you believe such nonsense or are you a traitor for perpetuating known lies against your President? It’s quite simple, really. If he was the ‘worst criminal ever’, he would be in jail. He’s not. So you are either stupid or a traitor. So…Which is it? Time to start holding you dolts accountable for your nonsense again.

Obama not a socialist or communist, but a 'social justice anti-capitalist'
Obama is just a person working hard trying to improve things, Now Mitt, there is a socialist. (for the rich)

The gun nuts posting here are the same kooks who think Obama is a communist, a Nazi, and a Muslim, who is trying to destroy America. They also seem to be in denial about gun violence statistics in America compared to countries with effective gun control.

The Democratic leadership in Congress...never called Bush an America Hater who wants to destroy America...or questioned his loyalty to the nation...

Republicans of all ranks...said that nonsense repeatedly about Obama...on Fox, Hate Radio and EVEN on the Floor of the Congress...

Conservatives had their chance with 2 Bush terms and BLEW IT. Obama's first term was SABOTAGED by the same slack-jawed haters. America needs a chance to recover from Republican & Teabagger stupidity.

all you devils can do is talk about the man reading a teleprompter and make this statement political. you crackers are depraved.

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