Aug 13, 2012

Aug. 15th, 2012 Wed. - Mass Obligation. Solemnity of Assumption.

It cannot be postponed to Sunday.  Aug. 15 is Aug. 15 whatever day of the week it is.  And it is a holy day of obligation meaning we must go to Mass.
But the Eucharist should not be that of a burden.  It is a miracle where our Incarnate God comes to us in bread so that we can be ever so united - even physically with the Divine.

And our Lady.  Honoring her should be a joy from grateful hearts.  She's been doing so much interceding for us.

I know I am talking to myself because I haven't been up to speed in my devotion.  It should not be the case but I am working on it.  Like with this post.  It is just to help everyone else not commit sin by skipping or forgetting this great day.

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