Aug 2, 2012

Viral Video: "Purposeful" Life of a Typical Liberal at ChikFilA

See other sites for more details.  It is trending.


Subvet said...

I thought it was hilarious that the fool got fired for his antics. If he wanted to air his views he should have found someone other than a minimum wage earner who probably was dead tired well before the end of the day. Since it happened in Tucson you can bet it was hotter than hell for anyone working the window. The last thing this woman needed was some fool sitting in his air conditioned car wondering how she can live with herself from working there. I guess he figures she WANTS a job like that and passed up ones such as he held. Yeah right. Sorry for getting on a soapbox, my active imagination is working overtime as I think of this happening to my own daughter someday.

Rick said...

I understand. I wanted to get on a soapbox myself but what I planned to write about this incident might give a nun a heart attack so I restrained myself. These Liberals sound so much alike and what they say is just so wrong. First, they're based on false premises. Then, they have these rules that they want to impose on everyone else e.g. recognizing sin as not sin. And they have these labels of hater and bigot for those who don't think like them. They make me sick just like the Occupy movement.

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