Sep 5, 2012

Democrats fail: intellectually, morally, politically

Responses to the first day of their convention. Killing helpless and innocent unborn children is nothing to be proud of. And only fools or wicked people make that the pièce de résistance of their political platform.

 Democrats say "We belong to government." That is wrong. Government belongs to us. We were here first. Those pinko commies just don't get freedom and would rather be wards of the state like slaves in a plantation.

 Democrats and the media support a movement that pretends to be something it is not. The Democrats do it to gain power, the media for something else. Naivete? Ratings? But both build on the sand of lies. They don't need to lie to their base. Those will swallow their excrement just to game the system. They don't need to lie to their opponents either. And they cannot lie to independents because those are able to find the truth eventually.

Democratic Disinformation from Charlotte

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