Sep 20, 2012

Women worry - not about sex.

You know -- I worry about my kids, my family, my dad, my credit card, gas prices, husband -- you name it -- I worry about it. So I really don't need Washington politicians blasting their ads away trying to make me worry more. Mr. President, you said you'd make things better. But you didn't. Half my neighborhood is out of work. Houses are foreclosed, and friends and family are running out of options. I wish you fixed it! But instead, you butted in on my doctor and my health care plan. And you spent time trying to force my church to provide contraception for me. Mr. President, I can figure out my own birth control, thank you very much. I really don't need you telling me what, when, why, and how to run my life! I suggest spending less time trying to make me worry about the other guy. Because, Mr. President, it's you that I'm worried about. This message paid for by Online at

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