Oct 2, 2012

Vegetable juice and asthma COPD

I have severe asthma, so bad that I am having COPD treatments. Recently, I started a vegetable juice diet. I usually juice my veggies and have that instead of dinner. I am discovering many benefits. When I drank the juice of cruciferous veggies e.g. cauliflower, cabbages, brussel sprouts and brocolli, I am able to breathe a lot better. It feels like the swelling in my lungs has abated or gone down. It is usually handled by my meds but the veggies seemed to have added I guess even less swelling or more subsiding. You can search for recipes and follow them to a tee. I have learned to just balance out the taste. These cruciferous veggies are a tad bitter so last night, I mixed it with cantelope. Banana is excellent in neutralizing bad tastes. I have to use a blender with bananas.

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