Nov 3, 2012

Where are the black Catholic bishops in the Democrat dominated dioceses?

Last week I complained about the lame guidance given by our pastor for the presidential elections.  Satan is practically in the ballot and has been condemned as having intrinsically evil policies and all Msgr. can come up was, "Vote your conscience."  That's it.  No critique of the Democrat policies that is bringing Holy Mother Church on her knees because of oppressive laws and fines.  The evil and falsehood of the Obama administration and platform was not even hinted upon.

This morning I was preparing my son for Confirmation retreat and saw the picture of a black bishop in our Archdiocese of Washington DC - the one who was going to confirm my son and probably the boss of my pastor.  Come to think of it, I never heard any black bishop from our archdiocese speak against Obama unlike the black pastors and ministers in DC.  So, I think our pastor does not provide emphatic guidance against Obama's policies because of his black bishop bosses who are "silent" - you know political savvy and all that.

I may be wrong and I hope that I am.  Perhaps a reader can point me to some facts.  But for now, I am disappointed in our bishops for not doing all they can to assert the right of believers to practice their faith freely in the public square.  I hope this post gets shared far and wide so that Rome will take notice and all the bishops in the world will see what is going on in DC.

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