Dec 29, 2012

Obama and Sandy Hook kids photo - conspiracy theory? (2,800+ Shares, 1,000+ comments)


Alright this is the scariest shit I've seen thus far regarding the Sandy Hook conspiracy. Let me try to walk you through this image step by step, and yes, I have checked for validity of all the images in this collage. First watch this video of Robbie Parker, Emilie Parker's father, the girl pictured in this image. 
Video here:

Second, visit this link, it is supposedly for Emilie Parker's funeral service

Now visit the source site for the picture of Obama posing with the kids AFTER the event happened
Now Tell me what is going on here. And don't come at me with "that could be her sister" look at this photo before you say that, look at the dress, same one. Look at the girl's hairline

Newtown sheriff threatens anyone questioning the "official" story with indictment

Now Tell me what is going on here.

If anyone can factually debunk this please send your proof to me and I will delete this image and apologize.

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