Dec 10, 2012

Occupiers in the Middle East.

While the Arab nation calls the Jews "occupiers", it occupies foreign land! The land of Israel, on two banks of the Jordan river (AKA Palestine) - Jewish land, always was and always will be. Lebanon - belongs to the Phoenicians. The modern descendants of the Phoenicians are the Maronites. Syria (Formerly known as "Assyria" or "Ashur", where the word "Syria" is driven from) - belongs to the Assyrians. Yes, they still exist. Iraq (AKA Aram Naharayim, Mesopotamia) - Belongs to Kurds and Assyrians. Egypt (Originally known as KEMET) - belongs to the ancient Egyptians, which their descendants are the Coptic people (the Copts are named after the true name of Egypt - KEMET, or KEPET).

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