Feb 12, 2013

Preparing kids for their first abortion in the USA

Beware for Planned Parenthood Federation goes into many public schools teaching death and destroying many a child's innocence. Always ask your kids what they learned in school every day. Get the details. Speak to the teacher often. Have your child bring their textbooks home and read them. It really can be done. It goes way beyond a "how was your day"? Sad that its come to this. ~ SHARE

Even reporting on what they are teaching children seems pornographic. Viewer discretion is advised ...


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Anonymous said...

First? I guess they're going on with the plan i.e. to get at least 3 abortions from every young women in the USA. We need tons of prayers, sacrifices and leaders with wits and guts to fight this greatest evil in our time. This is our watch and it is in our backyards. I am sure it will be one the questions that will be used during our judgement.

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