Mar 26, 2013

States' rights denial. Feds impose Obamacare in unwilling states! Tyranny.



Four states, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming, have chosen to not implement Obamacare with its 20,000 pages of rules.
Politico reported about their refusal on March 19th and said the feds will still “enforce its new measures — including new benefit mandates, cost-sharing guidelines and rules on how insurers rate customers — to retain control over their health insurance markets.
The states insurance departments have received letters from Gary Cohen, director of the federal Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, informing them that they – the federal government – will enforce Obamacare because the states have not. At the same time, only 11 states and Washington have started to adjust laws to prepare for sever major Obamacare reforms taking effect in 2014.

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