May 4, 2013

Punishment for reading Bible in a Muslim country. We should castrate these bastards when they rape our girls.

Punishment for reading Bible in a muslim country. How we take our freedom for granted in our country to read and share Bible even on face book? have u read your Bible today? think about our brothers and sisters suffering in muslim and communist countries.

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Roedy said...

Have you any information to the provenance of that photo? How can I be sure it in real, and that the damage was indeed inflicted by Muslims for reading the bible?

The problem I have is that I studied Islam in the 1990s. I learned both the OT and NT are official Islamic holy books. The Qur'an trumps them however.
Why would you be punished for reading a book you are supposed to treat with exaggerated respect? Of course religious fanatics do things all the time that have no basis in scripture.

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