Jul 2, 2013

Obamacare employer mandate delayed until 2015 to give Democrats breathing room until after 2014 midterm elections, says Treasury source


A Treasury Department official who declined to be named confirmed to MailOnline on Tuesday that the Obama administration will not begin enforcing employer mandates in the Obamacare law until 2015 - one year later than originally planned - and pinned that change of direction on a combination of politics and economic realities in the marketplace.
Mark Mazur, the Assistant Treasury Secretary for Tax Policy, announced on the agency's blog that the administration 'will provide an additional year before the ... mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin.'
The blog post explained that the delay was intended to leave time to simplify reporting requirements and give companies time to adapt. 
But the Treasury source said the extra year will give the White House an extra year to persuade health insurers to participate in the exchanges that make up the backbone of the Affordable Care Act.
The revised timetable, the source added, will also push back the final implementation of Obamacare's penalties past the 2014 midterm elections, providing Republicans fewer chances to highlight the law's potentially harmful effects on businesses' bottom lines.

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Anonymous said...

The rationale is obvious. To get Democrats to win before people feel the pain of their corrupt or incompetent ways. The question is how is he able to arbitrarily change the law and implementation thereof - even of the travesty that is Obamacare.

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