Aug 8, 2013

Obama: disowned by the African American community as more white than black.

Obama is so unpopular that even African Americans are disowning him saying that he is 50% scary butt biscuit - or something.

When Obama made a drama about Trayvon being like his son, he caused over a 100 black on white crimes - violent ones.  The perps thought they'd be immune from the law - not knowing that States still have a little sovereignity and decency to uphold justice.

There has to be a reason why Obama's transcripts are under lock and key.  The recent gig with Leno shows why.

When all the US embassies are threatened in 2 continents, most presidents will not appear on a late night comedy show.  Well, none have done it so far - until now.  Must be funny to him - unfortunately.

Unfortunately and fortunately is not like irregardless and regardless that one can use interchangably.  Someone should advise the smartest president ever.

Obama's credibility has sank that the only venue where his words are appropriate is in a comedy talk show.  The only thing needed was for Leno to have Daffy Duck end with "That's all folks."

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