Aug 3, 2013

Shocking Videos: 3 Black Youth Viciously Attack White 6th Grader in Florida

WFLA-TV News Channel 8

The legacy of "Reverends" Sharpton & Jackson and "President" Obama. Innocent white folks getting beaten up everywhere by blacks who were goaded into violence. Big diversion from Obama's failed policies and legal infractions.


Brian Mary said...

A very vicious attack by 3 black youths on a white boy. The black youths kept kicking the white boy for about 4 minutes and the bus driver should have intervene as the white boy could have died from the brutal kicks he received as he fell to the ground. Especially after reporting the attack the driver could have stopped the attack as he was not in any real danger but the driver made no attempt to help.The 3 black teenagers should be charged with this vicious attack and punished accordingly.

Brian Mary said...

This was a vicious and seemingly unprovoked attack by 3 black teenagers on a lone white boy while travelling on a school bus The kicked of the white boy went on for about 4 minutes while he was on the floor, The bus driver reported the attack by phone but he made no effort to stop the attack even though he was in no danger. The 3 black youths should be punished for this dangerous attack and the bus driver should be sacked for not intervening as the white boy could have died or duffered serious injuries

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