Aug 6, 2013

Unilateral Israeli Strike on Iran cannot be stopped by Obama

Voice of Israel from Jerusalem. Good morning, the hour is 8:00 and the following is the news from Malachi Chizkiya: A senior source in Israel doubts the intentions of the American administration to prevent Iran from getting nuclear all costs. The source told our diplomatic commentator Chico Menashe that the behavior of the administration towards Syria contradicts the declarations of President Obama and teaches Israel that it cannot rely on American promises. The state source added that Israel can carry out a military operation against Iran also without American military support but such an action would be of a lower quality than an American action. Our commentator notes that in Israel there is concern that direct negotiations will open between Washington and Teheran that will bring to an easing of sanctions in exchange for Iranian concessions that will not meet the demands set by Israel.

My comment:  Israel is Israel not a US satellite.  If G*D is for us, who can be against us?  (Answer: the devil.)

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