Apr 23, 2014

Central African Republic: Islamic jihadists murder Catholic priest, mutilate corpse

SOURCE:   http://www.jihadwatch.org/2014/04/centra-african-republic-islamic-jihadists-murder-catholic-priest-mutilate-corpse

The Seleka rebels are Muslims who ousted the country’s Christian president and replaced him with a Muslim, and terrorized the CAR’s Christian population until they formed “anti-balaka” militias — the balaka was a kind of machete that the Muslims had used to kill Christians — and began to fight back. The international media has focused entirely on Muslims as victims of Christian atrocities. No atrocities by anyone are ever justified; the coverage has been astonishingly one-sided. Here, as in so many places, Islamic jihadists began the conflict, and there would be no conflict without them.
“Catholic priest is killed in Central African Republic,” AGI, April 19 (thanks to C. Cantoni):
(AGI) Vatican City, April 19 – A Catholic priest, Father Labbe Christ Formane Willbona, was murdered in the north of the Central African Republic, allegedly by a group of armed shepherds of the Fulani ethnic group, considered to be close to the former rebel group of the Seleka. The news was released by Vatican Radio. Father Willbona was returning to the hamlet of Paoua, where he was the parish priest of St. Kisito church, when armed men opened fire. Local security sources reported that the corpse was mutilated before being buried. . .

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