Jun 30, 2014

USAF Ordered to Practice Islam at Ramadan

And no one dares question this as illegal, inappropriate & immoral.



Military newspaper Stars and Stripes report:
“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez.
Really? How about equal time for the Jewish faith? The Christian faith? The Hindu faith?
US military are encouraged “to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent.”
Why anyone who is not a Muslim must stop eating (except in secret) during Ramadan is another example of Islamic supremacism. Unlike Jewish law, which pertains only to Jews, and Canon Law, which pertains only to Catholics, the Sharia asserts its totalitarian authority over non-Muslims.
During the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Jews fast from sunup to sundown. Nowhere and at no time has the idea of no one else eating been considered. Nor should it.
The idea that our servicemen and women cannot have a coffee on their drive to work is outrageous and indicative of how far the West has gone in the norming of the sharia. Muslims eat a giant meal before sunup, but our boys and girls can’t have a coffee while we defend these countries in many cases? Supremacism and submission.
And it doesn’t stop there. Our soldiers (men and women) must wear long sleeve shirts. No alcohol or smoking is permitted, and if all this weren’t pathetic enough, soldiers are instructed to say “Ramadan Kareem.”
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/06/us-military-personnel-forced-submit-sharia-ramadan.html/#sthash.GF1Yfssd.dpuf

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