Oct 23, 2009

Blog: The insidious slide into an infernal d'etente

Fr. Longenecker maps out a methodical approach for disordered lifestyles to gain legitimacy and even acceptance .  What is diabolic is the insidious and gradual slide into an infernal d'etente done using a mixture of truths and lies.  Click on the title to go to Fr. Longenecker's blog article.
(H/T to RAULITO from http://angelicdoctor.blogspot.com/ )
Here are the steps.
1.   Natural Law is ignored, undermined...
2.   ...laws questioned because they are 'too strict' too 'black and white',...
3.  Relativism is therefore introduced.
4.  Individualism is the next step.
5.  ... who live in a sinful situation demand that they not be judged...
6.  Dialogue is demanded. ..
7.  ...expect to be accepted ...
8.  Equal rights are expected ...
9.  Equal rights are demanded. ...
10.  ...demand not only that you tolerate, but that you approve.
And so, the devil is really in the details.

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