Oct 22, 2009

Blog: Stores, Shops

Wal-Mart:  The highlight of all our camping trips is a pilgrimage to Wal-Mart.  My wife loves this store but we live far from them.

Mephisto:  I will never go there just because it is named after a demon.  Why would anyone name their store that?

Ci-ci's:  All you can eat pizza, more than 10 varieties.  The wife & kids went there tonight because of a school event.  She brought her Discover card only to find out that the store takes anything but.  The manager let them in anyway then I got a call in the middle of the Capitol Beltway about this.  The reception was unclear that I ended up at Chuckie Cheese's.  After a short phone tag, we finally got it right.

Chuckee Cheese's:  Kids games and rides with a restaurant.  Free entrance.  Good for children's parties.  Security is tight.  If you come with a kid, you and the kid get marked with an invisible number.  No one but you can come out with your kid.  They check that number at the door before you go.

Rite-Aid:  They practically give stuff out for free.  You pay for it first then get your money back in something like a rebate check.  Shopping there is one of my wife's hobbies.

Dave and Busters:  Lots of video games and a restaurant.  I take my kids there one at a time on our father and child night.  So, far I have done it twice this year.  It makes me closer to my kids so I become more than just a parent.  I become a daddy and my orders become more palatable.

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