Dec 9, 2009

Blog: Feastdays - a celebration of the spirit & the body

In St. John Bosco's schools and youth centers, feast days are celebrated with fanfare.  There were stage presentations - operettas back in his day, sports competitions and something special at the table.  It is a time of  merriment.  Since yesterday was the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, I started a tradition at home.  It was nothing big - just having soft-batched cookies and chocolate milk for dessert.  This is special because my wife does not let the kids have chocolate milk.  I explained why we're having something special and told my son to remind me next year, so I can get the treats.  My eldest asked for the date and I bet you, he'll remember.  He tells me of events that happened when he was 4 or 5

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