Dec 24, 2009

Video: Senate Rules, Abortionists Advertise, Jesus is Born

With the passage of the abortion expansion bill in Senate, I felt despondent at first.  But after a short prayer, I regained my spirit.  It was just like the first Christmas.  Imperial Rome was unstoppable.  It was a time of greed when principles are compromised and the interests of the people are ignored.  There was rampant debauchery as evil was legalized and good scorned and ridiculed.  It was then when an indigent baby, the child of God, was born.  He is God with us, Emmanuel who would be a witness to what is lasting, true and good.  Since then, this child has prevailed and continues to rule the hearts and minds of those who love God.  Glory to God in the highest and peace to men of good will.  Merry Christmas.

Abortion providers advertisement of a simple solution - kill your child.
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(H/T to Creative Minority Report)

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