Dec 24, 2009

Video: Healthcare for golden agers. Neither adding years to your life & nor life to your years.

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The golden years will be neither.  Now is the time to get the facts, analyze them, plan and act - while we have the strength.

Video Description:  Death Panels in case of government rationing. Article links reference in video below:

Article by Sarah Durand-

Health Benefits Advisory Committee and other rationing things -

Obama advisor Ezekiel Emanuel and the complete lives system:

Rationing and arbitrary medical decisions -

Mother left to starve to death in UK -

Peter Singer, part of the Obama administration, argues for rationed care -

He's also a proponent of infanticide - see here -
and here -

He particulary argues for the killing of disabled infants -

Jayden Capewell, UK infant who was denied treatment because he was a few days younger than UK guidelines would allow for treatment. Not necessarily rationing, but death by government bureuacrats, nonetheless -

Ezekiel Emanuel's rationing philosophy -

Ezekiel claims his thinking has "evolved." The evidence suggests otherwise:

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