Jan 6, 2010

Magic Votes, Closed Doors, Heart Tones and a UNIX Admin in Wallstreet

85% scrap abortion plans after hearing heart tones.
The CMR blog reported that an executive director of a Community Pregnancy Center named Candice Keller said in the Middletown Journal that 85% of expecting mothers who are considering an abortion change their minds after hearing their baby’s heartbeat. So the abortion industry wants to close down pregnancy centers or prevent them from exposing the mother to hear the child’s heartbeat. The comments on the combox produced a suggestion to have kids go on field trips to see an ultrasound machine and even hear the heartbeat of an unborn child. I thought that was great because it will prevent the tragedy of having a mother tricked into murdering her child thinking that it was only a blob of flesh. And I won’t wait for the school field trip. I will show my daughter how a baby develops on the web and let her hear the heartbeats there.

20 million Democrat supporters from scratch.
It’s not from scratch really but from illegal aliens. Just give them amnesty and you get new voters.

Watching the nation get screwed.
This ping-pong tactic to ram the healthcare reform obviously subverts the democratic process. Then it is blatantly kept in the dark, contrary to the president’s promises. In the face of such a travesty, I wonder why the opposition sits there watching helplessly while twiddling their thumbs. Why don’t they stand up and walk-out to protest this mockery of the legislative process?

Exploding underwear and a UNIX admin in Wall street.
One of my buddies was a UNIX System admin in Wall street. When a server goes down, he has 15 minutes to bring it up. If he fails, he’s out because, millions of dollars would have been lost during that time. How about the admins who were supposed to keep the terrorists out? Do they have more than 1 strike? That underwear bomber could have crashed the plane in Detroit killing thousands of Americans. How much would that loss be in dollars?

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