Jan 6, 2010

Variety: Stock Opportunity, Used Electronics, Living Large

Live like a millionaire without spending a cent:
The single leading pastime of the richest Americans (net worth of >$10 million) is spending time with their children or grandchildren.  I think we can all do that and know how it feels to live like a millionaire.

Investment Opportunity from Stimulus:
$3.4 billion of stimulus funds will be used to modernize the power grid to better accommodate renewable sources e.g. solar & wind.  The likely benefeciaries of this are companies that increase energy efficiency e.g Ener-NOC, Esco Technologies Inc. & Echelon Corp.

Used Electronics Bought:
Sears, Walmart & Costco are giving gift cards for used cell phones, cameras, laptops & other electronic devices.  Go to  sears.gazelle.com, walmart.gazelle.com or costco.gazelle.com for details.

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