Feb 25, 2010

Video: Reagan's analysis of socialized medicine amazingly applicable and alarming

If you saw the Health Care Summit today and considered the arguments together with the emotional appeals, you would be amazed at how this 1961 speech addresses the very same drama with some alarming implications.  I yield the next 4 minutes to the late President Ronald Reagan for this warning.

Source:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnLa1BvtaxM  or click here

Video Description:
Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine. A modernly relevant portion of a 1961 LP recorded by Ronald Reagan. In this recording, Reagan warned that socialized medicine would curtail Americans' freedom and that "pretty soon your son won't decide when he's in school, where he will go or what he will do for a living. He will wait for the government to tell him."   Ronald Reagan clearly unfolds how social medicine encroaches upon Americans' freedoms. Whether deliberately advancing socialization under the guise of humanitarian effort, or simply instituting another social program with reduced individual freedoms following in its wake, socialized medicine will lead to the erosion of every American's God given rights and freedoms.

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