Apr 27, 2010

Video: Rally to raise taxes. Here's why.

Here's a recent rally for taxes.  And if you watch the interviews, you'll see that the participants are members of SEIU and bused in.  But why would anyone want that now?  Well, first of all it is not going to affect this group so, it is actually to raise taxes on the other guy.  Secondly, it is to allow the government to continue spending.  I just saw Obama on the TV talking about addressing debt because if it doesn't then it could erode the country’s ability to educate its children, care for the elderly or mount a robust national defense.  So either stop spending or fleece the people more. 

But the Obama does not want to cut spending.  If he did then he wouldn’t be pushing massive expansions of federal government like ObamaCare and the upcoming cap-and-trade bill. And the SEIU wouldn't want that either otherwise it's chief, Andy Stern,  wouldn’t be sitting on that panel to find ways to reduce the bureaucracies that pour dues into his union’s pockets, especially now that his pension and retirement count on boosting membership.

And so, this is why we have people who want to get more of that gravy train rolling at the tax payers expense of course.


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