Apr 27, 2010

Why the private sector can't still create jobs.

"Red tape isn’t the only thing hamstringing American business. The Obama administration has sent plenty of price signals on taxes and burdensome regulation that will keep investors and businesses from betting on expansion. As long as the administration pursues those policies, it will keep the engine of American economic growth bound and gagged." (1)

What's worse is that we should have recovered by now.  Based on business cycles, jobs return around a year at the latest.  It's 2 years and half and there is still 10% unemployment and more  underemployment.  What extended the recession is the government intervention that intended to curb it.  Could an administration favoring businesses enacted better policies?  You bectha.

1.    http://hotair.com/archives/2010/04/27/ramirez-on-job-creation/

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